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Welcome to ShipSameday!

Welcome to ShipSameday, the courier industry's most advanced transportation management system for expedited air and ground shipments.

As a provider of custom logistics and transportation services, you understand the high level of communication and monitoring required for these specialized shipments. You need the tools to provide instant response to problems that arise throughout your partner network and the entire supply chain. ShipSameday is a comprehensive shipment management system. Proactive shipment monitoring is built into the system, when something doesn’t happen on-time, you know about it instantly. This task based system insures all standard operating procedures are followed!

Using the integration capabilities in ShipSameday, our goal is to build a worldwide network of professional courier companies, bound together by a robust technology architecture. We have been developing information systems for some of the most successful next flight out, same day, and local ground delivery companies for over 20 years. We built the industries best practices into the system, so you can see instant gains in productivity and performance.

ShipSameday is integrated with the airlines for real time flight information and tracking. Your ground agent partners can be linked instantly once completing the signup process. Most important, your customers can have direct access to order entry, shipment status and reporting in real-time, anytime.

Getting started with the system is simple, just click on the SIGN-UP FOR NEW ACCOUNT link, answer some basic questions, and your system will be instantly setup. No hardware purchases, software to install or I.T. resources are required. Use your internet browser to access the system anytime, anywhere and on almost any device. You’re billed a monthly access fee and a per user charge as long as you use the system.

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